Sheen designs fine jewelry collections

Nosheen Bakhsh, founder and design maven behind Sheen and the first Saudi jewelry designer to showcase at London Fashion Week in the fall of 2018, has coincided the launch her new collection “Kenza” with the widely celebrated Saudi National Day, held on September 23rd. Denoting treasure, Kenza marks the 7th collection released by the brand, composed of detailed pieces made in delicate 18k gold and diamond.
Sheen designs fine jewelry collections inspired by different regions and cultures, donating a percentage of proceeds from every piece sold to a hand-picked charitable cause. Founded on social entrepreneurship, Sheen continues to support philanthropic organizations that work towards a better and more sustainable future. 
The collection, inspired by heritage jewelry and the unique architecture of the Gulf, has a distinctive piece dedicated to the new era of Saudi female empowerment; representative of the women who are progressing society by leaps and bounds today. Having grown up in Riyadh, Nosheen feels a compelling connection to her birthplace and wanted to design a collection that would encompass the advancement of gender equality. Over a few short years, Nosheen has witnessed so many positive changes in society - from women being allowed to drive, to becoming an equal part of the Saudi work force. This collection was designed to enhance and complement the women who embody and embrace this transformation.
The majority of articles in this collection are perfect for daily-wear, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. Each item is versatile in its ability to be worn individually or stacked effortlessly together, fitting for an office or a party environment.
The collection features pieces inspired by the natural flora of the Gulf region – cacti; triangular windows and ornaments commonly seen in heritage Najdi and Arabian homes; traditional Khaleeji jewelry which utilize geometric shapes; and an abstracted Saudi emblem, specifically, to highlight the progression of Saudi women in the region. Rooted in rich history, but modern in its delicacy and softness, Kenza pays homage to the women of the past, who paved the way for the future.