Bulgari Serpenti Eyes On Me

In a tribute to its spirit animal, Bulgari introduces the new Serpenti jewellery collection, of a new design that ensnares the bold nature of the snake. Shining in multi-faceted expressions of seduction, the precious rings, bracelets, and necklaces glorify the “hearts of the head” in jewelled designs that sparkle with desire. Celebrating the captivating qualities of a jewel – or of the eye – the new designs focus on the penetrating stare of the snake. At the centrepiece of Serpenti design is the precious snakehead, inspired by the 1960s-70s Bulgari serpents that heralded this dangerous yet hypnotically beautiful element of the animal. In different interpretations – whether the head bites its tail as it encircles the finger or wrist, or dangles as a pendant for the first time ever for Serpenti design – the snakeheads may be sharp or round, flat or three-dimensional, minimalistic or sparkling with pavé diamond.