Pin-Up Stars – Return of the Brooch

Pair of Dragonfly brooches by Cindy Chao
From schoolgirls to celebrities, brooches and pins have become this season’s must have fashion item. No longer the domain of your grandmother’s wool coat, clever and cute “pinables” are getting pinned on computer bags, kitchen aprons, shoes, hats, hair, elbows, waists, and shoulders. And not just one - they are being clustered and combined to create individual style and flair.
It is all part of the return to glamour that is sweeping the fashion scene - and more specifically, vintage glamour. With top design houses focusing on the 1940s and 1950s for inspiration for their new collections, it is only natural that the nearly forgotten brooch would emerge as a shining new star. This trend is also multi-generational.  Women of all ages are getting pinned as they look for ways to individualize fashion.
The opportunities to individualize your wardrobe are as endless as the types, styles, and sizes of brooches. With something old or something new, getting pinned will create a look that is uniquely you. It is all about fun, flair, and fashion with one of today’s hottest trends.